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Large Format Printing Services

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Large Format
Printing Company

Even though we live in a digital age, print is still irreplaceable. We have been bringing you traditional large format printing in Los Angeles for over 40 years. When it comes to large format printing, digital media isn’t a viable option to replace your traditional large format printing. Know Graphics is traditionally known for our digital and sheetfed printing. However, we have recently entered the Los Angeles large format industry. Large format Printing service Los Angeles offers you a full solution for outdoor signage, display advertisements and more. From the crisp feel of a new business card, the simple joy of holding a menu in your hand to the authoritative nature of brochures and guides – there are just so many situations each day in which nothing can match the feel, weight, and usefulness of print. When it comes to the best in printing, Los Angeles’ Know Graphics is the top name in the industry. For more than 40 years, Know Graphics has been a pioneer of the printing industry.

printing on other
materials such as wood,
plastic or metal
Canvas option
for paper printing
Photo under
Acrylic Glass
Los Angeles Large Format Printing Services


Los Angeles Large Format
Printing Services

Know Graphics provides a complete integrated order management solution offeringmost easy to use standard web-to-print solutionwhich helps customers to simplify & automate order / reordering for their Retail, Corporate & Franchisee.

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Our large format printing services in Los Angeles includes top of the line presses, wide format printers, specialized zund cutting services, and a complete finishing shop for laminating, mounting, sewing, specialized edge cutting, and installation services. Are you looking for a Los Angeles Large Format Printer near me? Call Know Graphics for all your window graphics, decals, adhesive vinyl, building wraps, oversized prints, banners, posters, billboards, wall murals, temporary, permanent, and tradeshow printing services.

That’s why when it comes to finding the best in large format printing, Los Angeles’ business owners know just who to call: Know Graphics. There’s a certain comfort in knowing that you can get high-quality and affordable printing, done quickly and done right.

Los Angeles is saturated with large format printing companies. Know Graphics, however, is different. LA is a major market and there are many Large format printing companies in LA to choose from, but very few can live up to the standards, expertise, and experience that you’ll find at Know Graphics. At Know Graphics, we offer the absolute best Los Angeles large format printing services for a wide variety of businesses, large and small. Though our home base is in Southern California, we’ve taken our large format printing company worldwide and have clients from across the LA region. Though Know Graphics is a large commercial printing company, we don’t operate like those online discount printers, who often fall far short of your expectations.

We are a family owned and operated the business and that shows in our company values and in the products and service we provide to our clients. We use only the best and most cutting-edge technology to create printed products that not only look great, they really resonate with your brand and with your clients.

Product Applications

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Outdoor Printing Services

When quality and durability come together, that’s when you truly have the advantage in this industry. A wide format outdoor printer is a great addition to any print shop. With outdoor printers from The Wide Format Company, you can design and create stunning prints that are built to withstand the unpredictable weather conditions of the great outdoors. It’s also a great way to differentiate yourself from the competition because you can offer large format outdoor printing services, and not everyone can claim that.


Outdoor Banners

Photos under acrylic glass feel elegant and high-end, and have an intense brilliance. The material is durable, crystal-clear, and really brings out the colors. The photo is mounted behind acrylic glass – also known as plexiglass – which adds a sense of depth to the scene.

The thicker the acrylic, the bigger this effect becomes. With this kind of depth, very colorful photos, architectural images, underwater shots, portraits, and night photography can really make a statement.


Business Signage
& Oversized Prints

Our large format outdoor printing signage offers both rain and sun protection on their finished products. You won’t have to worry about the ink smearing from a storm or the color fading due to sun exposure. For temporary adhesive graphics to permanent outdoor sigange, it's perfect for companies that are looking for high-end building graphics, wall decals, construction signage, or wall murals outside your company to create a welcoming business environment.


Indoor Large Format

Indoor Printing services include wall wraps, business signage, corporate branded logo decals, wall decals, hallway posters, large poster prints, indoor banners, graphics, and usually require some sort of installation service.

Hallway Banners
Oversized Office Prints
Oversized Office Prints
Backlit Printing


Wide Format

Large format printing services also commonly referenced as wide format printing or grand format printing. Wide format printing services are a little bit bigger than your traditional large format printing services.

Retail POP Displays
Window Graphics


The craftsmanship of large format printing doesn't end on the press, the quality of our service is also dependent on the final installation for you campaign. Before the project initiation, Know Graphics will perform a site evaluation and survey to make sure the environment in conducive or print ready to make sure the installation process has no roadblocks after your adhesive vinyl graphic, or large format print has been printed. Our stable of installers are certified installers aren't handymen or freelancers, we have professional installers with a keen eye for graphics installation. While we print your campaign in Los Angeles CA, our installers will travel and install for companies outside the Southern California region.


3M Certified Printers and Installers In
Los Angeles

Looking for a local 3M certified or preferred graphics installer for fleet, vehicle, window, and adhesive graphics? When a printer is 3M certified, not only does the printer print with 3M material but the Installers with this distinction are recognized by 3M for their installation ...
The key to all your adhesive graphics and large format printing services comes down to the installment of the grand format / wide format printing. We are 3M certified and print on 3M material making sure that your adhesive graphics have a lifetime warranty and guarantee.


Certified Installers
for Applications for Vehicle
Graphics, Signage & More

Know Graphics is a certified adhesive graphics installation experts for all your printing needs. Looking for installers to wrap a car, install graphics on the side of a large building, looking for an all-inclusive large format printer and installation service provider? Maybe you're looking for your bus, car, or fleet graphics to be installed by a 3M certified installer. Our graphic installation experts help install, remove, and adhere temporary & permanent graphics.

Bus Decals
Partial Vehicle Wraps
Companies Who Have Trust In Know Graphics
Red Vine
Sour Pouch

Car Wrapping

With over 250 million vehicles on U.S. roads, the market for car wraps seems infinite. But each individual driver comes with a unique personal or corporate brand worthy of attention. With 3M’s versatile portfolio of vehicle films, graphics professionals have all the design and installation features they’ll need to bring creative visions to life – no matter who’s behind the wheel.


Windows Graphics

Picture glass and windows differently. See them as amazing real estate opportunities for long or short-term branding. Graphics manufacturers will help customers look their best -- at the value, they need -- through our comprehensive portfolio of films for window graphics, which include perforated films, transparent films and more.


Building &
Wall Graphics

From the rough exteriors of brick walls to sweltering outdoor installation conditions, installing the perfect building or wall wrap is far from simple. 3M's lineup of films for wall graphics help graphic manufacturers and installers transform any space into a branding opportunity with ease – all backed by surefire performance and stunning image quality.


Building &
Wall Graphics

From the rough exteriors of brick walls to sweltering outdoor installation conditions, installing the perfect building or wall wrap is far from simple. 3M's lineup of films for wall graphics help graphic manufacturers and installers transform any space into a branding opportunity with ease – all backed by surefire performance and stunning image quality.


Sidewalk & Floor Graphics

Your customers’ floors and sidewalks are more than mere walking surfaces. They’re promotional real estate. With 3M films, graphic manufacturers and installers can create eye-catching floor graphics with promotional messaging to generate traffic from your sidewalk, through your business interior.


Sign & Graphics Applications

New business and marketing opportunities come and go in a flash. To capitalize, graphics manufacturers and installers need a roster of films that cover a lot of territories. Available with various performance features and adhesion qualities, these 3M films assist with the more niche sign and graphics applications.

Pre Press Services
  • Hi-res Scanning
  • Color Correction
  • File setup / Pre-flight
  • Digital Retouching
  • Color Proofing
  • Seamless Output
  • Mounting
  • Professional Installation
  • Sewing
  • Laminating